Winter sunset in Reykjavik

Black beaches of Iceland

Sightseeing a glacier from above

Custom-made adventure tours

Midnight golf in Iceland

Inside a glacier

Offering you the best of Iceland

Iceland at it´s best with Ave Travel, the Iceland tourist specialists. Ave Travel aim to offer you a bespoke and personal travel service to those that want to ‘get up close and personal’ with all that Iceland has to offer.

From Glaciers to Volcanoes; Hunting and fishing to horse riding; the hustle and bustle of Reykjavík to the peace and tranquility of Hrísey a tiny island in the far north of Iceland.  The options are endless!

Ave Travil is an Autherised Travel Agency gretaned by the Icelandic Tourist Board

The Icelandic Tourist Board is an independent authority under the Ministry of Industries and Innovation . It’s activities are regulated through theTourism Administration Act , with the overall authority in the hands of the Minister of Industry.